Facts on Birds in Mexico

Facts on Birds in Mexico
Facts on Birds in Mexico
Many beautiful birds can be found all over Mexico; the varying climates and regions across the country make it home for different species. During the winter, birds of all types fly south to Mexico from places like the United States and Canada.
Colima Warbler

For years, it was thought that this bird could only be found in Mexico, but in the 1920's, one was spotted in Texas. The Colima is rather large for a warbler, with a distinctive yellow patch on its backside.

Lilac-Crowned Parrot

The lilac-crowned parrot, with its a pale purple crown of feathers (hence its name), can be found near the Pacific Coast of Mexico; it is bright green with a red area above its beak.

Blue Mockingbird

The blue mockingbird is a large thrush native to Mexico that can sometimes be found in the southwestern U.S. An elusive bird, it spends a lot of time sneaking through tall grasses, looking for food.

Roadside Hawk

The roadside hawk gets its name from its tendency to hunt near highways and roads. This gray, brown and white hawk is rather small, but has long legs and a trademark strong, stiff beating of wings.

Virginia's Warbler

Virginia's warbler is named for the woman who discovered it, the wife of an Army surgeon. This small gray, yellow and white bird has unique white rings of feathers around its eyes.

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