About Travel in China

About Travel in China
About Travel in China
One of the oldest civilizations in the world, China offers far more than incredible historical sites. Spectacular landscapes, colorful minority groups and bustling cities blend together in today's China. To experience your own Chinese adventure, just pick up a handy guidebook and go.

Stretching from the South and Central Asian frontiers in Tibet and Xinjiang to the edges of Southeast Asia and Siberia in Guangxi and Manchuria, China is vast. Its landscapes include steppes, arid plains, deserts, jungles and the highest mountains in the world.


The Forbidden City in Beijing and the nearby Great Wall are certainly among the top attractions, as is the skyline of Shanghai and its nearby water towns, the karst peaks of Guilin and the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi'an. However, China's list of attractions struggles to fit in even the largest of guidebooks.

Getting There

China's major airports are located in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, welcoming flights from across the globe. Sharing borders with more than a dozen countries, China also offers a range of options for entering by land or sea.

Getting Around

Air China, among others, offers a sizable network of domestic connections. If you have more time to spare, trains are cheap, widespread and efficient in China, and with fast-improving highways systems, buses are also a good alternative. In rural and mountainous areas, buses are the only link.

When to Go

Most of China can be visited year-round, although harsh winters cause a drop tourism in the north and the mountains to the west. Also, summers bring a strong wave of heat, humidity and rain to much of the southeast.


China requires visitors to obtain a visa before boarding a plane or reaching the border. These generally permit travel for 30 to 90 days throughout China, although additional permits are needed to travel to Tibet.

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