Train Travel in Wales

Train Travel in Wales
Train Travel in Wales
Wales has train routes within the country and connections to England and Ireland. Trains travel daily year-round, regardless of weather. It is a great way to see the countryside and meet the locals.

The north-south route connects Chester to Cardiff. East-west routes connect Cardiff or Chester to Fishguard or Holyhead, which then connect via ferry to Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Cardiff has connections to London and greater England.


You can purchase passes for unlimited monthly or daily rides. Passes are accepted anywhere on Rail Europe. Tickets can be purchased for specific trips; ticket holders are assigned seats. Prices vary depending on what type of ticket you buy: economy, freedom, comfort or premier.


The majority of trains have dining cars. Unless you possess a premier ticket, you must buy food separately. Bringing your own food is allowed.

Overnight Trains

The ticket you bought determines your sleeping quarters. Economy shares with up to six people, while premier has a private suite with shower and toilet.


Train travel in Wales is ideal for all persons from children to seniors. You ride in spacious comfort and can visit parts of the country that are not accessible by road.

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