Spanish Passport Requirements

Spanish Passport Requirements
Spanish Passport Requirements
The Kingdom of Spain is a southwestern European country bordering the Mediterranean Sea. With an estimated population of more than 40 million as of 2009, thousands of people cross Spain's borders every year. Because the country is a member of the European Union, Spanish citizens may travel throughout the European Union by using their Spanish national identity card. However, those who wish to travel outside the EU must have a Spanish passport. Applicants must meet certain passport requirements set forth by the Gobierno de Espana to be eligible to apply.
Spanish Citizenship

Applicants must be citizens of the Kingdom of Spain. Citizenship may be proven by submitting a photocopy of the applicant's Spanish National Identity Card, an old Spanish passport or an official copy of the applicant's birth certificate. If the applicant was born abroad, he or she may be required to submit copies of his father's or mother's birth certificate.

Passport Photos

The applicant must include two identical passport photos. The applicant should be facing the camera in front of a plain white or off-white background. In the photo, the applicant must not be wearing any accessories that block or obscure his face.

Ability to Apply In-Person

Applicants must set up an appointment at the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate. Passport applications may not be submitted via fax, postal service or the Internet.

Extraneous Civil Documents

Applicable civil documents needed to clarify unusual circumstances may be required. For example, an applicant with a name that differs from that displayed on any of the aforementioned documents (e.g. national identity card or birth certificate) may need to submit forms or certificates documenting this name change (e.g. a marriage certificate).


Passport application processing fees must be paid at the time you submit your Spanish passport application. Spanish embassies and consulates only accept cash or checks. As of 2009, the cost for a Spanish passport is €20. Payment must be submitted in the local currency of the country in which the Spanish embassy or consulate is located.

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