About Southampton UK

Southampton, a large city in the UK, has strong maritime and academic affiliations, making it an enriching, educational destination. When exploring Southampton's distinct charm, there are a few pieces of vital information everybody should know.

Southampton borders three rivers: Test, Itchen and Hamble. According to the Associated British Ports, Southampton is one of the busiest ports cities the UK, handing more than 42 million tons of cargo each year.


The University of Southampton is a top-rated school, receiving high marks from the National Student Survey over a 3-year period according to the University of Southampton's website.


As both a port city and an academic hub, Southampton is home to the National Oceanography Centre, a leading UK facility for oceanography research and technology.


Southampton features a comfortable, relatively stable climate. Temperatures fluctuate between about 40 and 60 degrees F throughout the year according to WorldClimate.com. The climate is generally rainy, with December and January seeing the highest averages at 3.5 inches.

Cultural Attractions

Southampton has a maritime museum, an aviation museum and a historical Tudor House. The city's largest playhouse is the Mayflower Theatre. Southampton also features several art museums.

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