Romania Entry Requirements

Romania has an interesting history and a vibrant culture, and its residents are starting to emerge from the shadows of decades of communist rule. The country is also home to a large stretch of the famed Danube river. For some tourists, entry to Romania is as simple as boarding a plane. For others, the process is rather lengthy. No matter what country you are from, it pays to check into entry requirements before you begin planning your trip as the requirements might affect the timing of your trip or the duration of your stay.
Citizens of the US, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

A visa is not required for citizens of the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and most non-EU European nations. Citizens of these countries do not need any special authorization to enter the country other than a passport valid for 180 days beyond the arrival date.

Travelers entering by air must possess an airline ticket for travel out of the country. Anyone entering by car must purchase a RoVinieta, a road-toll badge, which cost between $3 to $8 as of 2009.

No special immunizations are required for entry to the country.

Citizens of most African and Asian Countries

Visitors from India and China, as well as most other Asian and African countries, must be invited to Romania, either by a person or business, including a tourism company. See the Resources for a list of countries that must meet these requirements.

To apply for a visa, send the following items to a Romanian consulate in your country if one is present; if not, send them to the Romanian consulate closest to your country.

Copy of the identity card or passport of the Romanian host
Letter from the host guaranteeing to provide shelter for the invitee
Letter from the host guaranteeing to provide 30 euros a day for the entire duration of the invitee's stay and proof that the host has the funds, usually a bank statement
Copy of the invitee's passport
Two 3-by-4 cm, passport-style photos of the invitee
Two copies of the official invitation form filled out by the invitee (available from the Foreign Affairs Department in Romania)

Citizens of South American and Select Asian Countries

Travelers from almost all counties in the Western Hemisphere as well as select Asian countries are exempt from Romanian visa requirements.

See Resources for a list of countries that are exempted from the visa requirements.

Citizens of Other Countries

Citizens of countries that don't require an invitation or that aren't exempted from the visa requirement need to submit the following documents to the closest Romanian consulate. See Resources for a list of countries requiring a tourist visa before entry.

Hotel reservation and itinerary
Valid airline ticket to Romania or driver's license and car registration
Proof of valid medical insurance
Proof of finances in the amount of 50 euros a day for the entire stay
Copy of passport

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