Rail Travel to Cardiff

Cardiff, Wales, is a popular weekend getaway because it is a short distance from London, England. To avoid the headache of driving or taking a coach, try traveling by rail. It is not only convenient, but inexpensive as well.
National Rail

National Rail is the leading rail company in Britain. As the official national rail line, it stops in many large cities, but its main station is at London's King Cross Station. Numerous trains depart daily from London to Cardiff.

Virgin Rail

Virgin Rail is one of the most popular lines to Cardiff because it is the fastest and cheapest. Virgin Rail hits many major cities between London and Cardiff, but has a slightly more limited schedule than National Rail.

First Great Western

First Great Western is the ideal train choice for you if you are traveling from England's midland to Cardiff. It has as many as 10 departures daily headed from such cities as Birmingham headed to Cardiff.


Arriva is a popular rail line because it is well-known throughout Europe. Arriva is not the leading train line in the United Kingdom, but does travel a few lines from London's King Cross Station to Cardiff.


Although the main port out of England is King's Cross Station, the main station in Cardiff is Cardiff Central Station. All trains arrive and depart from this centralized location.

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