Buscate Italy Cheap Hostels

Some travelers spend their whole life fantasizing about a trip to Italy and the only thing holding them back is the price. By staying in a hostel, you can reduce your trip costs significantly. Hostels group travelers together and reduce expenses by providing shared rooms instead of private rooms. Those traveling to Buscate have the option of staying at any of the hostels in the Milan area.
Hostel Sabatino

Hostel Sabatino is popular with local and foreign college students because of its low rates. The hostel offers single, double and triple rooms, as well as rooms in the garage area. Rooms in the garage are much cheaper and come with breakfast and Internet access. Guests also have access to a shared television and telephone, as well as shared bathrooms.

Hostel Sabatino
Via G. Lulli, 6
20131 Milano, Italy
011 (+39) 02 2367467

Leonardo Da Vinci Hostel and Hotel

The Leonardo Da Vinci Hostel and Hotel is unique in that it offers both types of rooms. Guests have the option of staying in a private hotel room or a shared dormitory-style room. Towel rentals and breakfast are available for an additional fee. Guests can also visit the on-site bar or use one of the lockers to store their personal belongings.

Leonardo Da Vinci Hostel and Hotel
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 10
20133 Milan, Italy
011 (+39) 02 2395 1252

Hostel Demo

Hostel Demo is one of the highest-rated hostels in the Milan area, including Buscate, with three stars. The lobby of the hotel has its own artwork on display, and the area also has free wireless Internet access. The hostel has a bar, breakfast buffet and luggage storage for guests. It also has fax, laundry and room service available for an additional fee.

Hostel Demo
Via Tonale, 14
20125 Milano (MI), Italy
011 (+39) 02 6707 4322

Hostel Bernina

The Hostel Bernina is similar to a hotel, though it also has hostel-style accommodations. Rooms are available as single, double or triple. Each room also comes with its own private bathroom, which isn't always found in a hostel. Guests can also choose rooms with a satellite television and mini-bar.

Hostel Bernina
Via Napo Torriani, 27
20124 Milano (MI), Italy
011 (+39) 02 6698 8185

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