The Best Ways to Travel to Italy

Italy is home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on earth. The birthplace of the renaissance, Italy draws visitors from all over the world who come to visit the museums, architecture and art and to sample the delicious food, wine and coffee. There are several ways to travel to Italy, the best modes being by plane, train and boat. Determining the best method of travel will depend upon where one is traveling from.
Travel by Plane

The most common way to travel to Italy is by plane. Italy offers several international airports, most notably in Rome, as well as many other smaller airports that allow travel from elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Air travel remains the fastest and cheapest way to reach Italy from the United States, and air travel is a simple option for many international travelers. From inside Europe, however, traveling by train is often cheaper, if not faster, than traveling by air.

Travel by Train

Train travel remains very popular and easily accessible throughout Europe. The relative low cost of a Eurorail pass makes it a favorite choice for many tourists in Europe. Italy is easily reached from most of Europe by rail, as well as from many major cities in the near east. Rail conditions vary in Asia and the former Russian republics, but in Europe most trains feature refreshment, clean bathrooms and fast and safe travel.

Travel by Boat

Mediterranean cruises often stop in Italy from ports of call such as Spain and Athens and offer a refreshing alternative to other forms of transportation. Italy features miles of attractive coastline, and several of its best known communities lie on the ocean, most notably Naples and, of course, Venice, with its striking canals. For the romantic and the imaginative, arriving by sea in Italy is a unique and stirring experience. Cruises leave for the Mediterranean, including Italy, from the United States, but Italy is not typically the final destination.

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