Best Time to Travel in Italy

The best time to travel in Italy is when there isn't a strike that closes the airports and train services. Since you can't usually plan around that type of event, consider some of the following to help guide the time that you travel through this wonderful country.
Best Time

Spring and fall are the best time to visit Italy for most people. April through May as well as September and October offer delightful weather, though it can be cooler--in the mid-70s to mid-50s Fahrenheit. You'll also avoid the crowds that descend during school summer breaks.


The Italian summer months of June and July are hot enough to go swimming, but not too hot for enjoying a slow walk through the sites. Temperatures range from mid-60s to mid-80s Fahrenheit with an average of only an inch of rainfall.


Winter in Italy can be magical. Besides enjoying the beauty of the country, you can also enjoy the many wonderful events that center on the Christmas season, especially if traveling to Rome.


In general, August sees Italy at its hottest and muggiest. Mosquitoes abound in locations such as Venice and the canals can smell.


Accommodations in many popular locations, such as Rome, Umbria and Venice, book up to a year in advance. Select your location and timing carefully to ensure you can get a reservation.

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