The Best Tea Rooms in London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and has been an influential city for quite some time. One of its well known traditions is "tea time." This tradition started around the seventeenth century and takes place in the afternoon. The people of London still enjoy cups of tea, both from the comfort of their own homes and from tea houses.

Apsleys is shaped like a conservatory. The dining room, decorated in mint and pink, is classy and gives you an intimate feeling. The servers provide apt service and make you feel at home. This tea room takes traditional tea and adds a modern twist to it. Two dozen different types of teas as well as snacks await visitors.

The Lanesborough Hotel
Hyde Park Corner
London, SW1X 7TA, United Kingdom
When dialing from inside the U.S.: 001 +44 20 7259 5599

The Dorchester Hotel

The Promenade is located inside the Dorchester Hotel. Comfortable chairs and a cozy interior await guests. It has a bar inside made of leather as well. This place was named the best tea house in London by The British Tea Council in 2007.

Dorchester Hotel Ltd.
53 Park Lane
London, W1K 1QA, England
When dialing from inside the U.S.: 011+44 20 7629 8888

Palm Court

If you are in search of a classy experience and a cup of tea, Palm Court is the place to go. Guests are required to wear shirts and ties. The dining room has elements of old English luxury such as antique furniture and artistic lamps. There is also a terrace if you feel like basking in the sun.

Palm Court
39 King St.
London, WC2E 8JS, United Kingdom
When dialing from inside the U.S.: 011 +44 20 7240 2939

Tea Palace

Tea Palace serves over 200 varieties of tea. It is located in a famous shopping district in London. The place provides an international feel, as it has teas from countries such as China, Taiwan and Japan. Sandwiches, cakes and biscuits are just some of the snacks offered.

Tea Palace
175 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2SB, United Kingdom
When dialing from inside the U.S.: 011 +44 20 7727 2600

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