Ayia Napa Climate & Weather

Ayia Napa Climate & Weather
Ayia Napa Climate & Weather
Cyprus has four seasons and a year around sunny, warm weather. Even though the weather does not change much between the seasons, it is beneficial to know what to expect. If you are thinking of visiting Ayia Napa, knowing how the weather is going to be during your stay makes it a lot easier to decide what to do in this exciting town and whether to only pack summer clothes or also a light jacket.

Ayia Napa is located on the eastern side of Cyprus giving it a Mediterranean climate with long sunny and warm summers and mild winters.


The summer months from April to September have the average daily temperatures of 32°C. Slightly cooler temperatures are experienced in June and September. Summer average temperature is around 25 to 26°C with nightly temperatures at 20°C. Rain is rarely part of the summer weather pattern but light showers are possible in June.


For the fall season temperatures fall to 22°C during the day and 16°C for the night. After that temperatures turn into slightly cooler the closer the winter months approach. Fall, however, is a good time to spend time outdoors because days are still beautiful and warm while nights are nice and cool. Rainfall comes more frequent and sometimes even heavy but the showers are short and pass by quickly.


The high day time temperature for the season is 16°C with the minimum at 7 to 8°C and the highs up to 20°C on sunny days. Winter is the wet season with average of 80 mm of rain and with stronger winds.


The average temperature at the beginning of the season is 14°C and continue to rise up to 21°C by May. March is the rainiest month and rainfall drops to minimum by May. Most of the time weather is warm but it can change quickly and without any notice.

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