A Puerto Rico Vacation vs. a Dominican Republic Vacation

Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are both beautiful, Spanish-speaking locales in the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is an island that is a commonwealth of the United States, and the Dominican Republic is a nation that shares an island (Hispaniola) with Haiti. Both destinations are popular tourist spots due to their stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and magnificent national parks. Both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic make excellent vacation options.
Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico's breathtaking beaches are known for having fine, white sands. Excellent beaches for surfing include Tres Palmas, Wilderness, Puntas, Domes and Steps. There are also beaches that are serene and full of natural beauty, such as Boqueron beach, which has vibrant, vivid scenery and palm-fringed, soft sands on the shores. Puerto Rico's many beaches are ideal for recreational activities include swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing and sailing. If you are looking for isolation, relaxation and quiet, good beaches include La Jungla, Guanica, Seven Seas Public Beach and El Convento Beach.

Dominican Republic Beaches

The Dominican Republic is also a haven for exquisite Caribbean beaches. Dominican beaches are known for having gentle, warm sun rays; crystal blue waters; and sweet-smelling, mild sea air. Some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic include Playa Dorada, with its charming, white and beige sand beaches; Punta Cana with its plentiful resorts and beautiful oyster-white sands and palm trees; and Las Minitas Beach with its lively and warm ambiance.

Puerto Rico Nightlife

The nightlife in Puerto Rico is vivacious and exciting. Puerto Rico, particularly the capital and largest city of San Juan, is full of bars, lounges, nightclubs and discos. Whether you want to dance the night away to the sounds of merengue, salsa, house music, hip-hop, pop music, rock, reggae or Brazilian Jazz, you can find nightlife to your liking in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans start their clubbing late at night and often stay out until the wee hours of the morning. Also, many Puerto Rican clubbers like to dress up with a lot of pizazz and flamboyance. If you are looking for a more casual sort of nightlife, bars are your best option in Puerto Rico.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers tourists a mesmerizing array of exciting nightlife options as well. Whether you want to engage in some gambling, go dancing, have a drink or two, chat with friends, or visit a festival, you will find fun in the Dominican Republic. There are a lot of pool and beer halls, as well as vast, loud nightclubs where both Dominican locals and tourists from all around the world congregate. Many bars and clubs in the Dominican Republic tend to play a lot of merengue and bachata music. However, there are a lot of tourism-oriented nightlife options that have wider selections regarding music styles.

Tourist Attractions

Both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic offer visitors an abundance of tourist attractions. Puerto Rico has the stunning panoramic viewpoints of the Cordillera Mountains and the Old San Juan Historic District, with landmarks including San Jose Church and the Museo del Indio. The Dominican Republic has the biodiversity of Los Haitises National Park, with both bears and humpback whales, and the exciting National Aquarium of Santo Domingo, the capital city of the nation.

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