Things to Do Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos is a city on Cuba's southern coast. It is also the capital of the province by the same name. Named for the breathtaking beauty of the city's bay, the city has the nickname "La Perla del Sur." Translated into English this means "The Pearl of the South." Cienfuegos has many tourist attractions for visitors, including historic sites, lush botanical gardens, museums and more.
Museo Provincial

Museo Provincial is a museum that is located in the Casino Espanol. Built in 1896, this museum houses historical furniture from Cienfuegos' history. The vast collection of the area's old porcelain and furniture indicates the wealth of many of the city's residents back in the nineteenth century. Walking through the Museo Provincial is kind of like taking a time machine back into the city's past.

Castillo de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles de Jagua

The Castillo de Jagua (The Jagua Fortress) is a massive, exquisitely beautiful Spanish colonial fortress constructed by Jose Tantete. Its entrance is near the beginning of the bay "Bahia de Cienfuegos." This fortress was established by Carlos V, the Spanish king, back in the 1740s, in order to protect and defend the bay. This was before the initial Spanish settlement, and when many pirates used to land. This is one of the city's most important and most well-known historical landmark sites.

Jardin Botanico de Cienfuegos

The Jardin Botanico de Cienfuegos is a botanical garden established by Edward F. Atkins. Atkins arrived in Cuba in 1901 with his wife in order to find sugarcane, which is Cuba's most valuable natural asset. This park is home to over two thousand different plant species, from over 125 botanical families. If you want to see bamboos, orchids and palms, visiting this lush nature reserve will be a pleasant and serene experience while visiting Cienfuegos.

Palacio Ferrer

The Palacio Ferrer is the home of the Casa Provincial, which has a tower from which visitors can take exquisite pictures of the city of Cienfuegos down below. The Casa Provincial de la Cultura is a cultural center within the palace that was constructed around the beginning part of the twentieth century. This building has a magnificent Art Nouveau architectural style and is a wonderful place to learn about any upcoming Cienfuegos live music performances or art exhibitions.

Teatro Thomas Terry

The original name of Teatro Thomas Terry was Teatro de Cienfuegos. It was later named after a wealthy Venezuelan-Cuban sugar baron. This theater's inauguration was in 1890, and it is now a famous Cuban national monument, which is also the home of exquisite frescoes and architecture. A lot of world famous performers have taken the stage here, including Anna Pavlova and Enrico Caruso. If you are in Cienfuegos, you should check the theater's performance schedule and try to catch a show.

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