About the Rainy Season in the Caribbean

Nobody wants to take a vacation and then have it ruined by rain. However, traveling during the rainy season in the Caribbean isn't necessarily going to ruin your vacation because most showers are fast and then the sun comes back out. The rainy season is also the hottest season in the Caribbean, so after a rain shower everything dries off fairly quickly.
Summer Months

The rainy season occurs during the summer months. However, it rains year round in the Caribbean.

Short-Lived Showers

Even during rainy season most showers are short lived and occur in the afternoon.


During the rainy season in the Caribbean there are more mosquitoes and bugs. If you travel, take bug spray with you.

Where It Rains

The rainy season does not necessarily affect the entire Caribbean. It rarely rains in Aruba, and even during the dry season in other areas of the Caribbean it may rain in the afternoons or in the mountains.

Hurricane Season

Rainy season coincides with hurricane season, which is from June until November. However, it's not considered rainy season because of the potential of a hurricane.

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