Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours in Ocho Rios

The majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica are the only mountains on the Caribbean tropical island. Famous for the coffee that is grown on their lower slopes, the Blue Mountains are a popular tourist attraction for travelers visiting Jamaica. For a relaxing day surrounded by the natural beauty of Jamaica many travelers choose to take one of the Blue Mountain bicycle tours in Ochos Rios.
Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours, Ltd.

One of the most used tour companies that offers Blue Mountain bicycle tours in Ochos Rios is Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours, Ltd. A comfortable, air-conditioned bus leaves from Ochos Rios at 8:00 a.m. and travels for two and half hours to the Blue Mountains. After riding 9 to 18 miles downhill, stops for meals, tours and photo opportunities, the bus returns to Ochos Rios at approximately 5:00 p.m. The bicycle, safety gear, brunch and lunch at the Blue Mountain Restaurant and Coffee Shop and a guided tour are all included for the price of the tour.

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours, Ltd., 121 Main Street, Ochos Rios, Jamaica Telephone: (876) 974-7075 Website:

Sun Venture Tours

Sun Venture Tours also offers Blue Mountain bicycle tours in Ochos Rios. There are two different tours available depending on how long you want to spend biking in the Blue Mountains. You can take an all day tour, where you will spend three and a half hours on a bicycle or a shorter tour where you will only spend two hours on your bicycle. Both of the tours offer extra stops such as a visit to Blue Mountain Coffee, an old Maroon Village and the historic Irish Town.

Sun Venture Tours Website: Email:

Budget Tours Jamaica

Another one of the Blue Mountain bicycle tours in Ochos Rios is operated by Budget Tours Jamaica. Budget Tours also offers an eight hour trip that includes round trip transportation to the Blue Mountains, brunch at the Blue Agate Restaurant, the bicycle, safety gear and rain gear when necessary.

Budget Tours Jamaica, 28 Queens Drive, Montego Bay, Jamaica Website:

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