Dominican Republic Facts for Kids

The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean sea and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The population of the country in 2007 was 9,365,818. Spanish is the official language with 73 percent of the population of mixed African and European race. Almost 11 percent of the population is of African ancestry and European ancestry makes up 16 percent of the population.

The Dominican Republic is located on an island called Hispaniola along with Haiti. The country makes up two-thirds of the island.


Baseball is the official sport of the Dominican Republic. Many major league baseball players come from the country like Pedro Martinez and Sammy Sosa.

Famous People

Fashion designer, Oscar De La Renta was born in the Dominican Republic. Olympic medalist Felix Sanchez was born to Dominican born parents. Mariasela Alverez Lebron was the first Dominican to be crowned Miss Universe in 1982.


Tropical weather is the normal in the Dominican Republic. The temperatures range from 60 to 90 degrees F year-round. The country averages 60 inches of rain a year.


Police officers and members of the armed forces are not permitted to vote in the Dominican Republic.