What Documents Do You Need to Fly to Puerto Rico?

The Spanish speaking, Caribbean island nation of Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, though it is not a state--it is considered to be a Commonwealth, which means that is both self-governing and unincorporated. Puerto Rico is a gorgeous tourist destination and full of lush beaches, exciting nightlife and rich cultural history. There are several documents that are required for flying to Puerto Rico.
Plane Ticket

You will need to purchase a plane ticket to fly to Puerto Rico. There are many different airlines that fly to Puerto Rico from the mainland of the United States. These airlines include American Eagle, American Airlines, United Airlines, US Air, Continental Airlines, Jet Blue, Delta Airlines, Copa Airlines and others.

Photo ID

You will need photo identification to travel to Puerto Rico. Drivers licenses and non-drivers state-issued licenses are both valid options for travel to Puerto Rico. Just make sure that your picture is prominent on your identification, and that your identification is up-to-date.

Passports/Birth Certificates

If you are from the United States, you will only need a valid photo ID and plane ticket. You will not need to bring your passport or birth certificate. However, if you are from a non-U.S. nation, whether you are from Italy, Japan or Australia, you will need a valid passport issued from your country of origin in order to land in Puerto Rico.

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