The Best Time to Travel to Jamaica

The Best Time to Travel to Jamaica
The Best Time to Travel to Jamaica
Jamaica's beautiful island landscape, with its towering Blue Mountains, tropical vegetation, and warm ocean breezes, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean. The tourist industry in Jamaica has developed many luxurious vacation destinations that are filled with lavish designs, as well as access to all types of recreational activities, and most of the year is ideal for travel to Jamaica.

Any time of the year except for hurricane season is a good time to travel to Jamaica, due to the island's year-round warm temperatures. Hurricane season usually occurs between July and September.


The high season in Jamaica is mid-December through mid-April, as these are the cooler, more comfortable months. Temperatures hover between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and even drop to lows around 50 degrees.


The high season in Jamaica also comes with its drawbacks. resorts are often booked, and prices on the island reflect the high-season tourism economy.


The best time of the year to enjoy the waves is from November to April. The eastern coasts of Jamaica---north more than south---are favorite spots for surfing.


Whichever season is the best for your vacation, book it in advance. Jamaica has many large hotel and resort accommodations, but consider booking a private resort for a more friendly and informal Jamaican vacation.

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