Canadian Border Crossing Laws for Dogs

Canadian Border Crossing Laws for Dogs
Canadian Border Crossing Laws for Dogs
When going on vacation to Canada, many people like to take their household pets with them. This is especially true when it comes to the family dog. However, it is important to remember that animals are not allowed to freely cross the border between the United States and Canada without fulfilling certain requirements.

Before a dog can be transported across the border, they must be free of disease. Not all dogs will necessarily be chosen for examination. However, if a border patrol agent suspects that a dog has certain signs of disease, he will hold the dog until it can be determined that the dog is not a health risk. This is largely because some dog diseases can be transmitted to humans. You will want to get a letter from your veterinarian stating that your dog is free of all diseases before trying to cross the border with your animal.


It is important that you gather together all your dog's vaccination records before leaving for Canada. You will want to take a copy of all records with you in case you are asked for them by a border patrol agent. No dogs are allowed to cross the border without certification that the animal has had its rabies shots within the last 12 months. A dog must also wait at least 30 days after its vaccination before being able to cross the border.


Before crossing the Canadian border, your dog must look physically healthy. If the border patrol sees any signs of sickness in your animal, they may disallow the pet from crossing with you across the border. This is regardless of whether you have certifications of vaccinations or a note from your veterinarian.


Puppies under the age of 3 months are not required to have a rabies vaccination. This is because they are too young to fend off the possible side effects from the vaccine.

Banned Breed

If you are traveling to Ontario, you need to be aware that pit bulls are banned from the territory. If you are planning to permanently move to Ontario, pit bulls are banned from being imported with you into the country.

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