What to Wear During the Winter in Hong Kong?

What to Wear During the Winter in Hong Kong?
What to Wear During the Winter in Hong Kong?
The weather on the island of Hong Kong is divided into four seasons and can change rapidly due to its location near the South China Sea. Winter in Hong Kong is from mid-December through February. Temperatures in winter are typically mild, but can be influenced by monsoons. When you are packing for your next trip to Hong Kong, keep in mind the average temperatures, but build in some flexibility to your wardrobe in case of unexpected weather.
Typical Winter Weather

Considered a sub-tropical climate, the Hong Kong winter can be chilly mainly due to strong winds. The average high temperature during winter is 66 degrees F and the average low is 58 degrees F. Average rainfall per winter month is 1.44 inches (Hong Kong Observatory).

Business Travel

Standard attire in Hong Kong for business is a suit for both women and men. Attention to fit and cut is important as most local business professionals take advantage of the numerous tailors available. For lightweight suits, you should take a light jacket, as the wind can be chilly. Sturdy, yet fashionable shoes are expected because most trips to Hong Kong involve substantial walking.

Tourist Travel

Hong Kong is a fashion-forward city with many residents dressing in dressy casual attired for their daily activities. Khakis, slacks and sweaters are appropriate winter attire. Locals tend to bundle up during winter, so, bring a nice medium-weight jacket that would fit in your backpack. Many tourist attractions such as Victoria's Peak or the Star Ferry can be chilly and windy during the winter. You should take a hat and umbrella in case of unexpected weather. Most travelers walk and use the Metro subway system extensively to tour Hong Kong. Bring a pair of good closed-toe walking shoes to protect your feet in dirty and crowded conditions.

Student Travel

Many students travel to Hong Kong through study abroad opportunities, or through exploration desires. Some college-aged students in Hong Kong wear trendy, and sometimes designer-label clothing to classes and for daily activities. You can wear well-fitting jeans and a bold or trendy t-shirt to blend with most students. Hong Kong is filled with inexpensive items that you could add to your wardrobe once you arrive.

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