Types of Transportation in India

India has a reliable network of transportation in place in almost every location, even in rural areas. City traffic is eased with bus transportation and other profitable sources of transport such as rickshaws. Many families are escaping poverty by operating their own rickshaw businesses as tourists and the moving of goods is always in high demand, which means that owners are guaranteed a good income.
Bicycle Rickshaws

Bicycle rickshaws are a popular mode of transportation in India, providing the rickshaw owner with job security and a guaranteed income to support the family, provide medical care and educate children. Rickshaws are the equivalent of taxicabs in the western world and in demand from tourists and businessmen for getting around from place to place and getting there quickly. The rickshaw owner also receives courier employment and ferries goods to and fro. The Indian government promotes the use of rickshaws as they do not pollute and are good for the economy.

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Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws consist of a seat upfront for the driver to be seated and a longer bech seat behind him for his passengers. The rickshaw is motorized and a meter of the same kind a regular taxicab is fitted with is in place. Although the meter is in place on the auto rickshaw, most drivers prefer to set a price and bargain with those who think it too expensive. Auto rickshaws are easy to spot in traffic as they are painted green and yellow or black and yellow. Hold on tight as auto rickshaws have no seatbelts and no doors.

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Buses are never in short supply in India. Buses are a popular mode of transport rather like the American Greyhound lines. A vast network of buses snake around the country connecting city to city in a relatively short time. Ask fellow passengers for help in getting to your destination, as they are often knowledgeable and eager to help.

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Metro Rail

Calcutta has the oldest rail system in India. Most major cities such as Delhi have a reliable rail system although outlying areas and rural locations rely on other modes of transport such as buses, bicycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws. The rail network is ever-expanding with construction taking place year-round to ease city traffic congestion.

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