Philippines Passport Application Requirements

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago nation located in Southeast Asia. Composed of over 7,000 islands, Manila serves as its capital city. The Philippines has a large population and ranks twelfth in the list of most populated countries in the world. About 11 percent of Filipinos regularly travel the world and, as such, passport applications can be high. The government regulates the issuance of passports by mandating certain requirements for their application.
Application Form

One of the first requirements to obtain a Philippine passport is to complete the official application form issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs. The form asks applicants to state relevant information about themselves such as names, birth dates and contact numbers. Minors or those under the age of 18 are also required to fill out an application form. However, the name of the minor's traveling companion must also be indicated, and the signature of the parent or guardian is required. The application form qualifies as a legal document and any misrepresentation or falsification can render the applicant liable for perjury.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate must be included for the application to be processed. As per new regulations by the Department of Foreign Affairs, the birth certificates submitted must be issued by the National Statistics Office and be printed on Security Paper. As an alternative, a certified true copy of the birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar may be given, provided that it is authenticated by the National Statistics Office.


The Department of Foreign Affairs requires the submission of three colored photographs following specific instructions. The background of the picture must be blue and without any designs, while the applicant should be wearing a collared shirt. Passport pictures must be taken within the last six months of application and should comply with the size requirement of 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm. Should there be any violations in the guidelines, the Department of Foreign Affairs has the authority to reject the submitted photographs.

Proof of Identity

Other documents may be required that would prove the identity of the applicant. These supporting documents can be any valid or relevant credentials as long as they indicate the name, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship of the person in need of a passport. The usual documents that are submitted are bank statements, land titles or other public documents.

Additional Requirements

Depending on the status of the applicant, other documents may need to be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs for the processing of a passport. Married women who carry the surname of their spouses are required to show a copy of their marriage contract issued by the National Statistics Office. Also, a minor who is traveling without either one of his parents must be issued a clearance by the Department of Social Works and Development, as well as an affidavit of support and consent.

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