What Music Do People Listen to in India?

What Music Do People Listen to in India?
What Music Do People Listen to in India?
The people of India, much like those in the United States, listen to a variety of music. Some genres have roots in ancient songs preserved through the centuries, while others are centered in pop culture. Folk, rock 'n' roll, classical pop and even jazz is popular in India. Each form of music has its own influences that continue to keep them at the fore of India's artistic communities.
Classical and Spirituals

Many in India still perform and listen to ancient spirituals (classical) categorized as Hindustani and Carnatic. Both date to the 12th century. Some forms of Carnatic and Hindustani include chants, while others are written works by early composers.

Folk Music

Indian folk music varies from simple melodic songs to intricate works performed by a variety of players. Indian folk music can largely be divided into five groups: Lavani, a traditional blend of simple folk music and interpretive dance; Dandiya, a refined variation of Lavani that's set to dance; Bhavageete, which blends song and poetry; Bauls, containing minstrels and vocal performances; and Bhangra, an up-tempo genre comparable to bluegrass. Indian folk is commonly associated with celebrations and festivals. Flutes, bagpipes and other native instrument are common in Indian folk.

Pop Music

There are several types of pop music in India. Most of the music has roots in classical and folk tradtions, but some has been influenced by Indian films and is popular with a variety of ethnic groups. Other popular form of music is patterned after the radio hits heard on U.S. and British radio. It is also a blend of Indian folk anD classical music with a modern flair. A large portion of today's Indian pop comes from the music of mainstream artists such as Miles Davis, The Beatles and John Coltrane and a spectrum of rock artists from around the world.

Rock and Metal

Also heavily influenced by western rock and metal, Indian rock 'n' roll and heavy metal emerged in the 1960s when The Beatles and the Rolling Stones became global pop culture influences. Much like U.S. and British metal, artists have made the music progressively edgier and louder over the years.

Dance, Hip-Hop and Rap

Dance music, hip-hop and rap have also gained a share of the Indian audience. Mainstream radio playing U.S. and European dance music has spawned a significant genre that continues to grow. Television shows such as "Indian Idol" has brought a western flair to the genre and radio.

American and World Music

Satellite and Internet radio has become popular in India. Fans enjoy U.S. pop, jazz, rock, dance and even country music. World music is also popular and is a heavy influence on a new generation of musicians.

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