The Best Airline to Fly to the Philippines

The Best Airline to Fly to the Philippines
The Best Airline to Fly to the Philippines
There are over 7,000 reasons to fly to the Philippines. This massive archipelago offers over 7,000 islands for visitors to explore, with the vast majority being nothing but a tropical paradise. Even congested Manila offers tempting options. But as the flight to the Philippines from the west coast of the U.S. is over 15 hours, it is a necessity to spend time confirming which airline is the best to fly.

Flying to the Philippines is expensive. Fortunately for the frugal traveler, there is Philippines Airlines, affectionately known as PAL, which offers regularly scheduled, non-stop flights from the United States to Manila. Though there are cheaper airlines that operate from the Philippines, none have the safety record of PAL. Seats on PAL flights are clean and unusually comfortable for a discounted airline, reading lights are provided, staff tends to be efficient if not enthusiastic, meals are decent (although not fantastic) and in-flight entertainment usually consists of shared screens. Bathrooms on PAL flights, especially long ones, can be hit or miss. The final word is that the airline offers safe, no-frill flights for a decent price.


If going in the highest state of luxury is the plan, then a first-class flight on Cathay Pacific might be in order. Based out of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has received the coveted five-star rating from Skytrax, as well as other top airline awards. Flight staff are groomed and present themselves to perfection while being models of proficiency. Meals on flight are of exceptional quality and rice cookers and even skillets are on board so first-class passengers' eggs can be cooked any way preferred. In addition to being clean, the Cathay Fleet offers much privacy via its cubicle-like walls installed between seats, as well as massive chairs that recline completely to horizontal, allowing the sweetest possible dreams on that long flight to Manila.

Most Convenient

For the most convenient flights to the Philippines, the award has to go to United Airlines. United may not offer the cheapest prices or the most luxury, but the airline does have other perks. United has hubs in Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. For passengers, this means much easier traveling regardless of where home is in the continental United States. Often, connecting flights between airlines are where travelers are most likely to have problems, and flying with a local carrier will alleviate this issue. Plus, it is sometimes a comfort to fly with an airline where everyone is from home. This can sometimes mean having an easier time communicating specific concerns or needs. This is true for destination or return flights.

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