Where Are the Best Vacation Spots for Singles?

Where Are the Best Vacation Spots for Singles?


Traveling as a single person doesn’t mean you’re just interested in the party circuit or cruising for love. But it also doesn’t mean that you want to spend your whole time immersed among honeymooners and families. Although nearly any destination has its spots for singles, there are a few notable places around the world that offer an engaging and enjoyable environment for single travelers.

Time Frame

There are two schools of thought on when it is best for singles to travel. Hitting Europe in the summer, London for New Year’s Eve, New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Venice for Carnival or Mexican beaches for Christmas ensures a lively crowd, but not always one that is open to meeting and greeting new people. Consider what travel agents call the shoulder season, those months leading up to high season, when people begin to congregate but not to the point of overflow.


Traveling as a single needn’t be a lonely experience. Dedicated solo travelers insist that you are never alone when you are traveling. Contrary to popular belief, going to small towns and places off the beaten track ensures that you will be approached by locals, whereas you can feel anonymous in big cities. Stay in small guest houses that have lobbies or café areas where people congregate. Smile at other solo travelers. Carry or wear something that reveals a hobby or interest. Never be afraid to ask questions. Sign up for a local tour or package, or enroll in a class such as cooking or dancing.

Risk Factors

Keep safety in mind. Research a place before arriving. Study maps before setting out. Explore a place by day before going out at night. Only used licensed cabs or arrange for them through a desk at your hotel, bus station or airport. Divide some of your cash and credit cards so it’s not all in one place. Learn some basic phrases in the country’s language. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry designer luggage. On public transportation, keep personal items near you. Try to maintain a balance between friendliness and wariness of being approached too aggressively. If you feel threatened, try to latch onto a nearby group or traveler.


There are all types of single travel experiences, from cruises and resorts for meeting others, to tours and packages designed for the solo traveler. Single women often seek travel experiences that balance adventure with safety. For them, networks such as Solo Travel provide articles and user reviews with the concerns of the single traveler in mind. There are tips for dining alone, meeting travelers, backpacking alone, taking solo holidays and participating in activities for singles.

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