About French Clothing

About French Clothing

The French clothing style is one of the most sophisticated and classic dress styles in Europe, and travelers to France can fit in with the culture by dressing and accessorizing according to French standards. French clothing is typically of high quality, and most men and women wear designer outfits whether they are at work, going out or entertaining friends. Travelers to France can pull together a chic and sophisticated outfit by following some of the key principles of European dress and style.


Traditional French clothing styles are an extension of the royal and noble class that ruled French territories for centuries. French clothing has since evolved to take on the modern culture and tastes of the Western world, but there are still several traits of historic French clothing present in many pieces from today’s French designers. The dress style in France is typically conservative, refined, elegant and sophisticated. Travelers to France can blend in with the local culture by wearing tailored, fitted and designer clothing whenever possible and steering clear of the American casual style as often as possible.


Traveling to France may require frequent changes of clothing depending on the city or district; the cosmopolitan city of Paris is known for its couture-dress style which demands wearing designer clothing or designer-inspired collections in neutral colors accented by high quality accessories. Leisurewear is typically reserved for the gym and is rarely ever seen on the Parisian streets. Flats, loafers and boots are the preferred types of shoes for casual settings. Dark-wash, slim jeans are also acceptable, and the classic European minimalist approach for hair and makeup is most appropriate for women.


The French clothing style is chic, sophisticated, elegant and simple; the minimalist approach to dressing is most evident in the French collections and is the standard for dressing in France and neighboring European countries. French brands are typically of a higher quality than clothing made in other areas of Europe and the United States, and can now be purchased with ease. Several French retailers and footwear manufacturers have set up online stores to sell their merchandise on an international scale.

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