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Travels.com is an online resource that connects travelers to the most reliable content available - published travel guidebooks. By partnering with top travel guidebook publishers, including Insiders' Guide, The Globe Pequot Press, Falcon Publishing, Fodor's, Rough Guides, Hunter Publishing, and Mobil Travel Guide, we have aggregated hundreds of books and trip itineraries that describe over 10,000 destinations. These books have all been converted to electronic files, divided into individual chapters, and added to our searchable and browsable online database, available 24/7 at Travels.com.

Our database is always growing as we continue to add new publishers, books, and destinations. This provides you, the traveler, with an unparalleled collection of reliable information on travel destinations in all corners of North America. All of us here at Travels.com are striving to build the best online travel planning resource anywhere - "The Ultimate Online Travel Guide."

You can help make Travels.com an even better resource by giving back in the form of trip reviews. After taking a vacation or returning from a weekend getaway, visit Travels.com to describe your experience using our "trip review" feature on a related travel guide page. This insight helps future travelers decide where to travel to and how to make the best of their trips.

Our online service is subscription-based because we pay our publisher partners royalties for the books they contribute to Travels.com and these books contain premium content not available elsewhere on the Internet. You can take a free trial of our service and cancel at any time if it is not right for you. We still offer a great deal of information for free which you can use to get ideas for getaways to just about anywhere - even places just around the corner from your home. Our hotel booking features are available for guest users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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If you are a publisher and would like to join Travels.com, please mail us hard copies of your guidebooks, or contact us.

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Travels.com is owned and operated by Hillclimb Media, a Demand Media company, and is the leading publisher of sports, outdoor, and travel web sites.

Hotel Bookings

Our powerful hotel engine provides the widest selection of hotel accommodations throughout the world. This technology connects directly to the central reservations systems of hotels worldwide, resulting in better rate and room descriptions, and in many cases, a greater variety of rates. This arrangement translates into considerable savings.

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